Glucose Testing

Glucose Testing Albuquerque NMThe amount of glucose (sugar) in your blood changes throughout the day and night.  Your levels will vary depending upon wen, what and how much you have eaten, and whether or not you have exercised.

The categories of normal blood sugar levels are the following, based on how your glucose levels are tested.

Fasting blood – 70-99 mg/dl

2 Hours after eating – 70-145 mg/dl

Random (Casual) – 70-125 mg/dl Glucose Testing

We offer complete Lipid panel which gives Total Cholesterol, HDL Cholesterol, Triglyceride, LDL Cholesterol and percentage of TC/HDL. Also included is a Glucose level, Height, Weight, Blood Pressure, Pulse and Body Fat percentage and index. All for the low price of only $60.00. Compare that of over $300.00 going through your own physician.

Glucose Testing