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Drug Testing That Works

Laboratory-Based Urinalysis. We can test for several different combinations of drugs to meet your specific needs.  Turnaround time is generally 24-48 hours.

  • In-House Instant Drug Screens – Tests for the five most common drugs of abuse.  Results in as little as 5 minutes.
  • Hair-Follicle Testing – Shows an approximate 90 day history of drug use for the five most common drugs of abuse.
  • Alcohol Screening – We have several different testing methodologies including breath alcohol tests and urine EtG screening.
  • Mobile Testing – For companies that have 5 or more employees that need to be screened at the same time, one of our technicians can come to your location and take care of your needs in a single visit.

No appointments necessary.  Walk-ins welcome.  All of our staff is trained and knowledgeable about drug testing and collections.  Stringent standards are followed to reduce or eliminate any chance of tampering with our adulterating a specimen.  Contact us with any questions about drug testing or drugs of abuse.

Here at Mobile Medical Associates LLC we offer a wide range of drug screening and collection services.  We also offer mobile service for your convenience.  Here are a few things that our company could do to save your company time and money.

We can collect for Pre-Employment, Post Accident, Reasonable Suspicion, Return to Duty and Follow-Up.  We offer different ways for testing such as urine and hair testing.  If needed, we can also perform a breath alcohol testing.

We have DOT certified collectors throughout the state of New Mexico.  Our collectors are available 24-7, 365 days a year.

We can complete Pre-Employment, Random, Post Accident, Return-to-duty, Reasonable Suspicion and Follow-Up, On-site or in our Albuquerque office.

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